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PBJ: Digital Business Magazine

The Pakistan Business Journal is first free to access digital business magazine of Pakistan. The PBJ showcases Pakistani Businesses through it’s “Business Profiles” section. The PBJ also features successful business personalities through it’s “PBJ Entrepreneur” section. The PBJ also covers different topics relating to business, economy, legal and government policies through it’s articles.

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Tell PBJ Your Success Story, We’ll Tell Everyone

The PBJ is always looking for great business success stories for it’s BUSINESS PROFILES section.

If you have a great business story or new projects/products on the horizon, tell us about it, and in the new edition of PBJ, your story could be in front of whole world.

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Are You An Aspiring Writer? Write For The PBJ

The PBJ is offering chance to aspiring writers to contribute to the digital publication. If you are an aspiring writer and know a thing or two about writing articles, and want to showcase your writing talent, just drop us a line.

If you can write creative articles, we will publish your article with your picture and bio. So what are you waiting for?

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